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A PH Bus Company Tried An Honesty Payment System. It Failed After a Week

We all wish for better things for our country—better roads, better traffic management, better public transport, and so on. It’s normal, really. But every now and then, we hear a story that reminds us what we have might sometimes be the result of our own actions.

Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company posted this sad but all-too-common tale on its Facebook page. The bus operator had been experimenting with an honesty system for its fare collection, rather than sticking to the usual conductor format. Unfortunately, the result was far from what Green Frog had hoped. Depending on your faith in humanity, it was either a disappointing or a foregone conclusion.

As shown in the screencap above, Green Frog revealed that over 30% of passengers didn’t pay their fares, therefore defeating the whole purpose of the honesty system. It’s the same twisted logic that motorists use when they beat a red light in the dead of night, counterflow to cut into a queue or ignore a clear and legible traffic sign. And we wonder why our country doesn’t have nice things?

Do the right thing even when no one is looking, guys. It could make a small but impactful difference.

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